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Honeymoon Destinations Where and when

If you want to know where you should get the best weather at the time of your Honeymoon just take a look at our honeymoon destinations calendar below –


Best Honeymoon Destinations for May – October

Tahiti, Fiji and other Pacific Islands

  • Mauritius and Seychelles (although they are year-round destinations)
  • Hawaii
  • Canada
  • Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Europe
  • Queensland

Best Honeymoon Destinations for November – April

Australia and New Zealand
South Africa


Honeymoon Destinations - Month by Month


Honeymoons in January

Beach: Barbados
Only 21 miles long by 14 miles wide, Barbados is a surprisingly diverse island with a beautiful, calm west coast known for its fantastic beaches and an East Coast known for its natural beauty plus lots more to see in between.

City: Sydney
This is a lively city with many famous sights such as the Opera House and some excellent beaches. You could also choose to explore the Blue Mountains and Vineyards of Hunters Valley.

Something Different: Morocco
This vibrant African nation has something to please everyone and is only 3 hours away! Discover the magical city of Marrakech, go for a camel ride or go sailing along Agadir's sunny coastline. 


Honeymoons in February

Beach: Maldives
The Maldives are a collection of jewel-like coral islands scattered across the Indian Ocean. Find you own desert island style paradise from modern, romantic hideaways to deluxe spa resorts.

City: Cape Town, South Africa
The oldest city in South Africa, there is something for everyone in Cape Town. A perfect destination where your stay can be as active or as relaxed as you like and it’s also close to Kruger National Park if you would like to go on safari.

Something Different: New Zealand
From the rolling green hills and white sand beaches of the North Island to the dramatic alpine and fjordland scenery of the South Island, New Zealand will amaze you with its magnificence and charm.


Honeymoons in March

Beach: Dubai
The year round sunshine and excellent beaches along the Jumeriah coast are ideal for relaxing. Dubai’s highlights include fantastic duty-free shopping and incredible quirky hotels.

City: Las Vegas
Las Vegas is without a doubt one of the most glamorous, unique and glitzy cities in the world! You will find the some of the best entertainers in the world in Vegas along with Golf Courses and amazing shopping. 

Something Different: India
Royal palaces,  wildlife reserves, golden beaches and fascinationg temples await you in India. Why not have a once in lifetime experience and interact, bathe and even ride an elephant. 


Honeymoons in April

Beach: Thailand
For those seeking complete relaxation, Thailands coastline and islands are stunning with sun-soaked, white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. You will find beautiful resorts from spa hotels to hideaway villas.

City: Beijing, China
China’s capital, Beijing, has impressive history, palaces, museums and parks – making it an unforgettable city. You may choose to spend your whole stay in Beijing or you could combine it with Chinas other cities.


Something Different: Borneo, Malaysia
The world’s 3rd largest island Borneo is a place of dense jungle. Sarawak’s national parks are utterly stunning. Bako features mangrove swamps, rainforest, monkeys, carnivorous plants, amazing rock formations and a beautiful beach.

Honeymoons in May

Beach: Seychelles
Picture perfect, the lush tropical islands of the Seychelles with beautiful white sand beaches and cystal clear waters are the ideal destination for a completing relaxing, intimate and romantic Honeymoon. 

City: San Francisco
San Francisco is a rich and cosmopolitan city full of colour and contrast. It’s famous for its striking blue bay waters, steep city streets and cable cars, the notorious Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Something Different: Cook Islands
The Cook Islands are made up of 15 atolls scattered across the Pacific. These islands make a romantic hideaway with an excellent climate. Rarotonga is a beautiful volcanic island surrounded by a lagoon, reef and white sand beaches.

Honeymoons in June

Beach: Mauritius
Lying in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, beautiful Mauritius is an island of contast from rugged mountains and fields of sugar cane to crystal clear waters and miles of white sand beaches. Mauritius is an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing beach holiday with plenty to see and do and is a year round destination.


City: Lucerne, Switzerland
An hour south of Basel and Zurich, Lucerne is Switzerlands most beautiful town with stunning lakes and mountains. You can also catch a boat steamer to visit some of the pretty lakeside villages along the shore.


Something Different: Brazil
With vibrant, buzzing nightlife, beautiful beaches and spectacular scenery Brazil is an interesting and exciting destination.


Honeymoons in July

Beach: Hawaii
Hawaii has incredible beaches, spectacular scenery and picturesque waterfalls. Whether you want to relax or if you are after a more active stay then Hawaii will suit you, with great beaches for sunworshippers and plenty of land and watersports.


City: Italy
With breathtaking scenery, an amazing history and cosmopolitan cities rich in art and culture. Sight seeing, great food and classy hotels Italy is a great choice for a romantic stay.

Something Different: Bali
Bali is a stunning backdrop for a Honeymoon, with spas that will pamper you after a day on the beach. Be entertained by charming Balinese dancing and enjoy the local music as you immerse yourself in the culture of this unique place.

Honeymoons in August

Beach: Fiji
Down in the tropics of the South Pacific, the archipelago that makes up Fiji offers a thousand miles of pristine white sand beaches, coral gardens and azure lagoons. Here you can swim with huge, harmless manta rays, snorkel over giant rainbow gardens of soft coral or scuba-dive the White Wall and famous Astrolabe Reef.


City: Vietnam
Choose from Vietnam’sgreat beaches, bustling cities and charming riverside towns. With remarkable sight seeing, a rich and diverse culture and warm, friendly people, Vietnam will leave you wanting to return again and again.


Something Different: Kenya Safari
Kenya is famed for its wildlife and is also a  sunbather’s paradise. The country hosts the largest animal migration in the world into the Masai Mara and boasts elephants, lions, rhinos, buffalos and leopards.


Honeymoons in September

Beach: Zanzibar
Lying 35 kilometres off the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar has glorious beaches, crystal clear waters and a fascinating hstory.


City: Singapore
In Singapore you can explore the history, eat the best food in Asia, shop your socks off and round it off with a relaxing harbour cruise. A visit to the leisure island of Sentosa, minutes from the city, is also recommended.


Something Different: Alaska
You will be enchanted by Alaska’s sparkling lakes, mighty glaciers, majestic mountains and wildlife.  Alaska is at its best in the summer when you can spot moose, deer and caribou in Katmai National Park and grizzly bears in their natural habitat.

Honeymoons in October

Beach: Sri Lanka
Imagine the lushest, most idyllic island possible and chances are it won’t be as wonderful as Sri Lanka, lying of the Southern tip of India. The beautiful beaches are a magnet but you must explore some of the island’s 7 World heritage Sites, including ancient cities and virgin rainforest.


City: Luxor, Egypt
Resting on the bamks of the Nile, Luxor is perfectly described as an open-air museum. With grand temples and bustling bazaars Luxor offers a unique location with tons of history and culture. 


Something different: Great Barrier Reef, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s most diverse coral system and one of the world’s greatest natural features. Peaceful, pristine and precious, the Barrier Reef islands are dedicated to total relaxation and escapism.


Honeymoons in November

Beach: St Lucia
Bursting with the romantic energy of the majestic pitons, the island is lush and green and boasts an array of different beaches and scenes, from the white powder sand beach of Reduit to the darker sand beaches of Smugglers; the calm Caribbean Sea to the drama of the Atlantic Ocean.


City: New York
Vibrant and exciting, New York is famous for unique and timeless city sights such as Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown, Greenwich Village and the Empire State Building.


Something Different: Canadian Rockies
The Canadian Rockies are legendary for their towering mountains, majestic glaciers, raging rivers and turquoise lakes – all ready to leave you breathless.

Honeymoons in December

Beach: Jamaica
Whether you want to relax on one of Jamaicas beautiful beaches or discover the vibrant nightlife you will enjoy the laid back atmosphere that this island is famous for. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to visit Dunn's River Falls.


City: Phnom Penh, Cambodia
The enigmatic capital city retains a charm of colonial influence and architecture. Visit the many markets, see temples and royal palaces and enjoy the riverside ambience as you sit al fresco at dusk on the banks of the Mekong.


Something Different: Mexico
Mexico’s Caribbean coast combines miles of beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. A great all-round destination, Cancun is perfect for those seeking to combine a stylish beach holiday with excellent hotels, offering a superb range of activities and amenities.


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