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Overseas Weddings

Weddings Overseas: More and more couples are deciding to marry abroad and it’s not surprising when you look at the figures, the average Wedding in the UK costs a massive £21000 compared to the average cost of an overseas Wedding including Honeymoon costing just £3000.

Getting married overseas is also a lot more straight forward than you might think, we will ensure that the booking process is as stress free as possible and once we have arranged everything at this end you will usually then be put in touch with your in resort wedding organiser to finalise all of the details.

The legal requirements for getting married abroad vary from country to country but in general you must be over 20 years of age. You will need your British passports, original copies of your birth certificates and documentation of your previous marriage if you are widowed or divorced. Full details of all of this would be supplied at the time of booking.


In most destinations your wedding ceremony can be conducted Monday to Friday, excluding local holidays, and in Las Vegas you can get married 365 days a year!

There is a huge selection of hotels all over the world that offer both Wedding and Honeymoon packages, you can choose anything from a simple Wedding ceremony on the beach to something a bit different, imagine arriving at your ceremony on an elephant!

Whatever you decide to do Not Just Travel will ensure a truly unforgettable experience from beginning to end.